Adopting a holistic approach to democracy and governance, members of the team concentrate on programming in elections, sub-national governance, and social accountability. We underline our work in the area with re-engineering processes to be inclusive and engaging with all major stakeholders including political actors. On elections and democratisation, our team has experience in public opinion polling and analysis,  political campaign trainings, parliamentary capacity development, as well as election forecasting through constituency analysis and election observation. Designing and executing political engagement processes is another area of expertise.

Our governance experience is wide-ranging and team members have conducted many national and sub-national governance analyses and political economy analyses focused on areas such as elections, local government systems and urban development projects to name a few. The team has worked on issues of local government, including fiscal decentralisation, finance awards and coordination with provincial governments, as well as inter-provincial coordination.

We also specialise in social accountability and citizen’s engagement processes.  The team has experience in designing programs to improve responsive governance, documenting human rights issues, tracking the implementation of legislation, and analysing legislation from a gender and minority rights lens.