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Verso Consulting is a collective of practitioners with experience in the development and corporate sectors. We look beyond conventional explanations for issues to provide diagnoses and policy solutions that are context-specific. We have a track record of creating value for our clients and reframing analytical strategies

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Our core experts have been delivering globally competitive policy analysis to a wide range of clients for many years. Verso’s approach uses rigorous and adaptive research methods to build analytical frameworks and strategic products that are strongly informed by the local context. We constantly challenge ourselves to improve on our own products and rethink common industry practices. Across each thematic area of our work, we offer a wide range of technical services including: qualitative and quantitative research and data analysis; political economy and social assessments; conflict analysis; and programme and institutional evaluations. In addition to analysis based products, we offer sector-specific trainings; and project design and implementation. We also offer services in strategic planning and organizational development including independent project evaluations, strategic communications (particularly with reference to public campaigns), and business process assessment.

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